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Our Story

QuizTarget journey started back in 2020 when two friends, Harshal Jadhav, and Vishal Kangane, were sitting on a coffee table and thinking about making a revolutionary change in the field of lead generation. In 2020, the world was going through a pandemic, and no one was ready for it. Many small businesses were forced to go online, start a website, and generate leads and sales online. However, many businesses were struggling to cope with it and failing to generate leads and sales online. Obviously, they were not ready for it.

That’s when these two friends thought of something no one could imagine. They came up with a game-changing lead generation tool, QuizTarget, in 2020, which was powered by the proprietary Smart Logic Branching Technology. This no-code SaaS lead generation tool helped businesses from all categories turn their website and even social media into a leads and sales generation machine by implementing interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls. They initially launched this amazing tool on JVZoo as a pilot project, and within 7 days, it broke all the sales records and made over $135,000 in mere 7 days by onboarding over 1600+ customers.

After testing and improvising QuizTarget for over two years since it was launched, the duo finally decided to form a partnership company, QuizTarget Technology Solutions LLP, in 2022.

Today, in 2024, QuizTarget is one of the best lead generation tool companies in the world, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. QuizTarget Technology Solutions LLP is the pioneer in offering interactive content-driven lead generation tools for B2B, real estate, e-commerce, education, IT, Staffing and Recruitment Consultancies, Human Resource (HR) departments, Sales Teams, and multiple sectors. 

We specialize in offering lead generation tools for sales professionals. Our products help businesses identify prospective customers, engage them, find out what they are looking to buy, and sell it to them. 

If you are struggling to grow your business, if your website is not generating any leads and sales for your business then try our lead generation tools free.

Our Leadership Team

The QuizTarget leadership team is dedicated to empowering people and businesses from all sectors by driving product innovation and making a meaningful difference in lead generation.

Harshal Jadhav

Harshal Jadhav is a co-founder of QuizTarget Technology Solutions LLP. He has 12+ years of experience in Marketing and Software Development. He comes from a technical background of Computer Engineering, and also holds an MBA in Marketing degree. In his 12 years of career, he has launched multiple SaaS products that has been helping many businesses grow online. He has earned best-seller awards from the JVZoo Affiliate Network for developing cutting-edge software solutions. Harshal's dedication to excellence and expertise make him an invaluable member of the team, always pushing for innovative ways to help clients succeed in their online businesses.

Vishal Kangane

Vishal Kangane is a co-founder of QuizTarget Technology Solutions LLP. With his 12+ years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, SaaS Product Launch Management, Copywriting, SEO and Content Writing, he stands as a beacon in the digital marketing arena. He is BE in Electrical Engineering and also holds a MBA in Marketing degree. His vast career is filled with accomplishments like JVZoo's top performance leader recognition and spearheading multiple six-figure product launches including QuizTarget product launch back in 2020. At QuizTarget, his focus is not just on creating tools, but on weaving success stories for our customer in the digital landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses from all categories to grow online by providing them with interactive lead-generation solutions that are not only easy to use but also affordable to everyone.

Our Team

Our team comprises skilled resources who take their work seriously and are dedicated to helping our customers solve their lead-generation challenges effectively. 

Our professional team does this by offering interactive content and lead generation solutions such as quiz maker, survey maker, and poll maker.

We are also dedicated to providing efficient and prompt customer support 24/7.

Our Products

QuizTarget Technology Solutions LLP offers a wide range of lead-generation tools that help you drive engagement, attract buyers, generate leads, and boost your sales. These tools are complemented by features like AI-driven recommendations, easy customization, and seamless integration with website builders, making them a versatile choice for businesses of any size in any niche.

QuizTarget offers 3 lead generation tools:

Quiz Maker

This tool allows the creation of interactive quizzes, such as fun quizzes, trivia, personality assessments, and more. It is equipped with features like logic branching, multimedia questions, and result-specific targeting. This enhances user engagement and helps in collecting valuable insights.

Survey Maker

Survey Maker tool is designed for running detailed market research and customer feedback campaigns on the fly. This tool supports businesses in understanding audience preferences and behaviors. With our tool you can instantly create engaging surveys for collecting valuable data for your business decisions.

Poll Maker

This tool is ideal for quick audience opinions and instant feedback. It’s useful for real-time interaction with the audience, helping to gauge public opinion and trends effectively. You can create polls on trending topics in only 60 seconds and watch your polls go viral instantly.

QuizTarget Achivements

QuizTarget’s customer family is growing day by day. To date, more than 5000+ happy customers are using QuizTarget to build their brand and grow their sales by leveraging the true power of interactive quizzes, surveys, and polls. 

We are also happy to announce that QuizTarget’s product was featured on JVZoo’s Top 10 Performance Leaderboard for breaking all sales records. We did over $135,000 in only 7 days of the launch window. 

QuizTarget also received multiple Product of the Day nominations from the JVZoo affiliate network. 

JVZoo, the leading affiliate network globally, not only featured QuizTarget but also featured Harshal Jadhav and Vishal Kangane in their top performance leaders category.

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