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Why Should You Create a Poll?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, polls stand out as an engaging tool that instantly captures the attention and opinions of your audience. Polls are dynamic instruments that drive interaction, gather crucial data, and foster a deeper connection with audiences.

Here's Statistical Evidence That Highlights the Benefits of Using Polls:

These statistics clearly demonstrate the versatile benefits of incorporating polls into your strategy, from enhancing engagement to driving insightful decisions in real-time. So if you are still not using polls for your business growth, then you are losing your sales to your competitors.

Creating Polls Have More Benefits Than You Can Imagine

Capture Customer Insights

Enhance Engagement

Enable Real-Time Feedback

Facilitate Data-Driven Decisions

Optimize Content Strategy

Forecast Market Trends

Accelerate Lead Generation

Humanize Your Brand

Support Strategic Decision-Making

Boost Employee Engagement

Elevate Public Relations

Conduct Cost-Effective Research

Drive Sales Through Targeted Marketing

Improve Product and User Experience

Identify and Engage Brand Advocates

100,000+ Quizzes Created with QuizTarget’s Free Quiz Maker!

How to Create Poll Online with QuizTarget Poll Maker?

Creating engaging, multilingual polls with QuizTarget Poll Maker is a breeze, even if you are a newbie with zero technical experience. QuizTarget offers a no-code SaaS poll creator app that lets anyone create a poll in only 3 easy steps:

Create Polls Online with Poll Maker App in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Select a Template

Log into the QuizTarget app and select Poll campaign type. Then, choose from a variety of pre-designed poll templates that suit your specific goal.

Step 2: Customize Your Poll

Add your question and answer option with or without images. Then, feel free to customize the poll design to match your brand.

Step 3: Publish And Share

Your poll is ready to publish in a single click. You’ll get multiple options, including embed code and social shareable links, to share it across your website, social media, or via email.

Watch the QuizTarget Poll Maker Demo

Explore the capabilities of QuizTarget Poll Maker with our concise demo. Witness firsthand how you can transform audience engagement and data collection through our intuitive platform.

Create Any Type of Poll for Any Marketing Goals in Seconds

QuizTarget Poll Maker offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to create polls tailored to any marketing need or audience. With our app, you can use any content format, from videos to images to GIFs and more, and start creating video polls, image polls, GIF polls, and more. 


Political Polls

Capture the pulse of public opinion on political topics or candidates. These polls can be pivotal during election seasons to gauge voter sentiment and campaign effectiveness.


Market Research Polls

Dive deep into consumer behavior and preferences. Use these polls to test product concepts, understand market needs, or validate business ideas.


Event Feedback Polls

Gather real-time feedback on events such as webinars, workshops, and conferences. These polls help refine future events to meet attendee expectations better.


Funny Polls Quiz

Engage your audience in a light-hearted manner with fun poll quizzes on popular culture, trivia, and more. They’re great for social media engagement and increasing time spent on your site.


Satisfaction Survey Poll

Survey Polls are the best way to measure customer satisfaction about your products, services, or overall brand experience. Essential for customer retention and loyalty programs.


Employee Feedback Polls

Collect valuable insights from employees about workplace satisfaction, policy updates, or corporate events. These polls foster a culture of openness and continuous improvement.

Done-For-You Poll Templates Suitable for Every Goal

Creating a quiz has never been so easy until now. You can start making quizzes online in seconds with our done-for-you quiz templates that are suitable for every niche and every goal.
We are giving you 100s of professionally designed quiz campaigns that you can quickly deploy on your website or share it on social media and start seeing the results.Get started instantly with our diverse range of ready-to-use poll templates. Whether you need a quick opinion on a hot topic or in-depth market research, our templates make it quick and easy.

Why Use QuizTarget’s Poll Maker App?

QuizTarget’s free Poll Maker combines flexibility and user-friendliness, making it an ideal tool for anyone eager to craft engaging online polls. With its intuitive online Poll Builder, you can quickly create polls tailored to any niche designed to go viral. We are giving you 100s of professionally designed quiz campaigns that you can quickly deploy on your website or share it on social media and start seeing the results.

Drag-n-Drop Poll Creator

Effortlessly create your polls using the drag-and-drop interface. This feature simplifies the poll creation process, allowing you to build, customize, and launch polls without any technical expertise. QuizTarget’s Poll Maker is 100% newbie friendly.

Support Multiple Formats

QuizTarget’s Poll Maker lets you create video polls, image polls, text polls, and even GIF polls, allowing you to engage your audience in their preferred content format. Upload your video or image file or source it from 3rd party URLs like YouTube, Vimeo, etc, to create polls.

Multi-Lingual Support

Be global with local. That’s true. Create polls in multiple languages to extend your reach globally. This feature breaks language barriers, allowing you to engage with international audiences and gather more diverse insights.

Advanced Analytics

Track participation rates, responses, and trends in real time, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and refine your strategies based on actual user engagement. You can also build custom audience for remarketing by adding Facebook and Google tracking codes.

Customization Options

Personalize your polls to reflect your brand’s unique style and tone. With extensive customization options, such as the ability to add CTA buttons, emojis, countdown timers, progress bars, background music, and more, you can grab more eyeballs and build a brand.

Integration Capability

Seamlessly integrate your polls with your website or landing pages using a simple one-line embed code. QuizTarget’s Poll Maker seamlessly integrates with multiple page builders like ClickFunnels, Hostinger, Elementar, WordPress, and many others.

1-Click Sharing

Spread your polls across multiple social media platforms with just a single click. This feature facilitates greater reach and visibility, making it effortless to share your polls on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, thus driving higher engagement and participation.

By leveraging these powerful features, QuizTarget’s Poll Maker not only simplifies the creation of engaging and insightful polls but also enhances your ability to connect with and understand your audience. Whether you're looking to gather feedback, generate leads, or engage in meaningful conversations, QuizTarget provides free poll creator tools you need to succeed. This is a perfect poll creator for students, marketers, research institutes, political parties, news agencies and more. We are giving you 100s of professionally designed quiz campaigns that you can quickly deploy on your website or share it on social media and start seeing the results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Create custom polls with QuizTarget that gets you new leads.

How to create a good poll?

Here are detailed step-by-step instructions for creating a good poll, using QuizTarget Poll Maker: 1. Identify the Objective: Clearly define what you want to learn from the poll. This helps in formulating questions that are directly aligned with your goals. 2. Choose a Target Audience: Determine who your respondents will be. This influences the language, tone, and type of questions you will use. 3. Craft Clear Questions: Write questions that are simple, to the point, and easy to understand. Avoid using jargon or complex terms that might confuse respondents. 4. Limit Choices: Provide a limited number of options to prevent respondent fatigue and ensure clearer, more decisive answers. Typically, four to five options are sufficient. 5. Add Images, GIFs or Videos: Make sure your create polls with images or GIFs or videos. This will help you grab more eyeballs and boost poll engagement. 6. Order Questions Logically: Arrange questions in a logical flow that feels natural to answer. Start with less personal, easier-to-answer questions to warm up respondents. 7. Test Your Poll: Before going live, test your poll with a small group similar to your target audience. This can help catch any confusing questions or technical issues. 8. Share Your Poll: Share your poll campaign with your target audience. You can drive more engagement by sharing your polls on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 9. Analyze and Act on Feedback: Once your poll is complete, analyze the data and use the insights to make informed decisions or improvements in your strategies. QuizTarget Poll Maker simplifies the entire process, from poll creation to poll distribution to data analysis, making it an excellent tool for gathering actionable insights quickly and efficiently.

Is QuizTarget Poll Maker free to use?

Yes, QuizTarget offers free Poll Maker tool, which you can start using for free without adding your card details. You can upgrade to QuizTarget Basic or QuizTarget Pro plans to unlock more advanced features.

How to create a text poll?

Start by choosing a simple question that requires a straightforward answer. Use QuizTarget to format your poll with multiple-choice answers or a binary yes/no format to gather clear insights.

How to create an online voting poll?

Utilize QuizTarget’s Poll Maker to set up an online voting poll. Select your question, define the voting options, and customize the poll settings to fit your needs, such as anonymity and voting duration. QuizTarget also offers Done-for-You voting poll templates.

Can you create a poll in WhatsApp?

Yes, you can create a poll in WhatsApp by using WhatsApp’s built in feature Poll Maker. All you have to do is hit the plus “+” icon in any of the WhatsApp chat and then click “Poll” option to start creating poll. You can then type your question, add answer options and click on “Send” button to share your poll inside the WhatsApp chat. And when user starts answering poll, you and everyone else part of that WhatsApp chat start seeing poll result instantly. But WhatsApp polls has restrictions when it come to designing, adding interactive elements, adding images and video etc. If you want to create interactive fun polls for WhatsApp then use QuizTarget Poll Maker that allows you to create engaging polls easily and share it in any WhatsApp groups and get detailed analytics.

What types of polls can I create with QuizTarget?

You can create free polls online in using any content formats such as, video polls, polls with images, polls with GIFs with QuizTarget Poll Maker. Plus, you can create political polls, fun poll quizzes, feedback polls, employee feedback polls and more.

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